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Artificial Intelligence
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CES begins next week, bringing with it the tech’s biggest innovators, inventors and builders to the industry’s biggest stage. (KSNV)

Teams of tech experts are taking over the Las Vegas Convention, tasked with getting their gadgets set for this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, commonly known as CES, which begins Tuesday, Jan. 8.

Tyler Suiters with the Consumer Technology Association says, “CES is the largest, most influential tech event on the planet. This is the genesis, the origin for so much of the technology.”

Last year marked the first time CES set a designated space for innovations in artificial intelligence.

Now, for 2019 Suiters says the promise is more of that, but this time they’ve had a year to improve.

“When you’re talking into your phone and it recognizes your voice, that’s artificial intelligence. When you use facial recognition to log in to your phone, that’s artificial intelligence,” explained Suiters.

Some products on display in 2019 may be making their debut as concepts, but Suiters adds that when it comes to technology, you may not even realize just how much it’s become a part of our lives.

“That can be something as simple as more efficient lighting or better traffic control through smart city technology. You might know you’re taking advantage of it, but it’s already in place,” Suiters explained.

All that technology rolling out in the Las Vegas valley, which Suiters thinks makes perfect sense, saying, “This is such a tech-centric city, technology is integral. Whether you look at the major hotels or the brand new area where the Knights play, technology is integral.”

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