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Yubico has moved forward with the formal launch of its new iOS and Android SDKs. The early 2021 release is in keeping with the company’s previously stated timeline after it made both SDKs available through a public beta program that kicked off in December of 2020.

Yubico Officially Launches New iOS and Android SDKs

The SDKs are designed to make it easier for an organization’s coders to implement YubiKey security across multiple channels and deliver a more consistent authentication experience for end users. Both SDKs introduce more consistent naming conventions, and come with features that will allow developers to conduct tests and identify errors more quickly. The Android SDK also comes with OTP and PIV modules that offer NDEF and ECDH support, respectively.

The iOS SDK, on the other hand, offers comparable PIV utility, and enables PIN/PUK management features that let people use the YubiKey as a smart card on iOS. This is the fourth version of Yubico’s iOS SDK, and the second version of its Android SDK following the initial debut of the Android SDK last June.

Yubico will be hosting a webinar on April 21 to teach interested organizations how to migrate to the newer versions of the SDKs. The company recently announced that it will be giving away 25,000 security keys through the Microsoft AccountGuard program, and made its passwordless authentication technology generally available for users of the Azure AD platform.

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