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Zoom’s Beta iOS Mobile Browser Client Lets Doctors Send Links to Patients for Appointments

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Zoom released a beta iOS mobile browser client that lets doctors send links to patients for appointment access.  

That means patients will no longer need to download an app just to access their appointments. They simply have to click the link they are provided to attend a session with their healthcare provider. 

Zoom’s beta iOS mobile browser client addresses the struggles of patients, particularly the elderly, who struggled with downloading an app just to avail of a telehealth service. 

Zoom’s Beta iOS Mobile Browser Client for Telehealth

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Zoom’s beta iOS mobile browser client lets doctors and other healthcare providers to simply send an appointment link to patients via text or email, according to MobiHealthNews. All patients have to do is to click the link. 

The experience of doctors and other healthcare providers will remain the same as any Zoom meeting. According to the MobiHealthNews article, Zoom’s beta iOS mobile browser client is compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act or HIPAA. 

According to Heidi West, Zoom’s head of healthcare, Zoom “needed to be able to support our clients to remove any friction points that make the engagement a challenge.”

Zoom’s beta mobile browser client for telehealth is currently available only for iOS but there are plans to make it available for other operating systems in the future. 

Per the report by MobiHealthNews, Zoom is also working on an updated virtual waiting room. It will let doctors and other healthcare providers send messages and instructions to their patients prior to their appointments. 

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Zoom for Healthcare

According to Zoom’s website, Zoom for healthcare “helps clinicians and other healthcare personnel provide the highest quality and cost effective solution to meet the dynamic needs of healthcare organizations.”

Zoom’s healthcare applications include telehealth, medical education, and collaborative healthcare.

Zoom for healthcare aims to “expand patient care and communications” by providing solutions such as medical device integrations, HD video and audio, recorded session review, and enhanced collaboration features, among others. 

Importance of Telehealth

Zoom’s beta iOS mobile browser client is, without a doubt, a useful contribution to telehealth, especially in the middle of a pandemic. In fact, telehealth is seen to have transformed healthcare real estate even before the pandemic hit. 

With the COVID-19 pandemic still ongoing, many are understandably wary of going to a hospital for their appointments. The existence of telehealth services allows patients who can stay at home to still meet their doctors online. 

According to a Sykes survey cited in the MobiHealthNews report, 88% of Americans who participated in the survey said that “they wanted to keep using telehealth for non-urgent consults” even after the pandemic.

Technology can, however, prove to be difficult particularly for the elderly who shy away from using gadgets and advanced technology. Providing simplified telehealth solutions, such as simply clicking a link to attend a doctor’s appointment, addresses that concern. 

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