android: 8 mistakes that you are making on your Android phone which may help scammers

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If you are using an Android phone then note that it is important to pay attention to what you are downloading and which apps have access to your private information. Android being the most popular smartphone operating system in the world attracts attention from hackers, scammers and advertisers. Apart from malware, there are countless apps which make money by showing you ads continuously, causing your phone to slow down. Here are 8 mistakes that you are making on your Android phone which may help scammers.


​Keeping bloatware that comes with new Android phone

Bloatwares simply take up space and may even cause stability issues. Always uninstall them, if you can, soon after you buy a new phone. Also, some lesser-known apps are forcefully installed on your phone that can show ads, track your device usage and even steal your contact list.



​Being casual and not securing your Android phone from theft

Whenever you buy a new Android smartphone, enable Google’s find device service. This will help you track your phone in case it’s lost or stolen. It is important because thieves are no longer just interested in the device, they are keen on stealing your data too. Also, secure the lockscreen by changing settings so that no one can turn off mobile data or switch off the device without needing the password.



​Not checking the downloaded app list inside Settings

Make it a habit to go through the downloaded app list inside Settings. There are many malware or spyware which do not create an icon and simply hide inside your phone. Checking the entire downloaded app list may help you spot unknown apps.



​Not deleting old or unused apps

If you have not used an app for some time it is better to delete it. Also, if there are some outdated apps in your phone, delete them too. Keeping old or unused apps simply occupies memory and may also attract malware infection as it would not be updated.



​Using the same password for Google account and never updating it

Always change the password of your Google account periodically. Changing passwords will protect you in case there’s a privacy breach.



​Allowing third-party app installations from unknown sources

It is highly recommended that you turn off app installation from unknown sources in the Settings menu. This option prevents apps from getting secretly installed and also prevents apps from sources other than Google Play from getting installed.



​​Using APK files to install apps

If you don’t understand how APK files work then it is highly advisable that you download apps from Google Play store only. There are many apps which are not found on Google Play and need to be installed by downloading the APK file. However, this comes with its own set of risks, as it is not approved by Google.



​​Not reading terms and conditions, permissions before downloading apps

Always make it a habit of reading the permissions required and the terms before downloading an app. Whenever an app asks for excessive permissions then you should start questioning the veracity of the app. For example, an app for wallpaper shouldn’t require access to your Contact book or mic, however, it may require access to your Gallery.

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