Epic Games disables Fortnite Voice Chat for iOS & Android devices

Epic Games disables Fortnite Voice Chat for iOS & Android devices
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Following reports of problems with stability and performance, Epic Games closed down voice chat features for Fortnite’s mobile versions.

After patch v8.10’s release, players started to report issues with the game’s performance on mobile iOS and Android devices. Drops in framerate, stuttering, and hitches were reported after the release.

Epic Games began to investigate the issue and concluded that the source of the problem was the voice system present in-game.

As a response, Epic Games closed down voice chat for iOS mobile platforms until a fix for the problem could be issued.

The following day on Thursday, March 14th, Epic Games reactivated the iOS voice features, but the issues have now returned. Players are reporting the same problems still exist and Epic Games had once again responded accordingly.

The voice chat feature was not only causing problems for players using the voice chat, but also to other players in their games. This is why Epic Games might have felt it necessary to take the whole system down for a bit.

The player reports of the issue are widespread. Some have said the latest patch has caused framerate issues and stutters. Others point to reduced quality of menu navigation with hitching in between button prompts and screens.

Epic Games has not provided details as to the symptoms they are specifically researched at the moment.

No timeline has been given as to when players can expect to see the feature return to mobile devices. We will continue to update this story as more news comes in on the state of the mobile Fortnite voice chat.

Have you been affected by this voice chat performance bug while playing on mobile devices? If so, be sure to contact Epic Games to give feedback on the issue and help speed along the process of fixing the issue.

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