‘Fury of Dracula: Digital Edition’ Heading to iOS and Android February 17th, Available for Pre-Order Now

'Fury of Dracula: Digital Edition' Heading to iOS and Android February 17th, Available for Pre-Order Now
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Nomad Games has been bringing digital adaptations of popular tabletop games and gamebooks to market for many years now, including on mobile where they’ve released several different iterations of Games Workshop’s Talisman and a couple of different entries from the Fighting Fantasy series. Their most recent effort released on Steam back in November of last year and, like Talisman, is another digital interpretation of a classic Games Workshop board game, this one titled Fury of Dracula: Digital Edition. It’s an asymmetrical game where one player is Dracula trying to conquer all of Europe and up to 4 other players are vampire hunters trying to take the big guy down. Here’s the launch trailer from the Steam release of Fury of Dracula: Digital Edition.

As you might have seen Nomad mention on their social channels or elsewhere since the Steam release, their plans are to bring Fury of Dracula: Digital Edition to mobile devices as well, and that day is fast approaching. The game has been in beta testing for the past couple of months but is just about ready to go and today Nomad has confirmed that the expected release date of the mobile Fury of Dracula will be February 17th, less than a two weeks from today. The game will be priced at $4.99 and you can pre-order the iOS version on the App Store here and pre-register for the Android version on Google Play here. I’m a big fan of asymmetrical multiplayer games and think Fury of Dracula: Digital Edition will be a really nice fit on mobile when it launches later this month.

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