New iPhone 11 could have a very important advantage over its Android rivals

New iPhone 11 could have a very important advantage over its Android rivals
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New iPhone 11 is expected to launch in the coming weeks – has predicated the American tech giant will showcase its next batch of handsets on September 10.

Rumours have suggested Apple will unveil three new iPhones this year, just as it did back in 2018.

It is presumed the Cupertino-based tech giant will release successors to its current iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max and iPhone XR devices.

A recent report from Bloomberg has suggested the two most premium Apple handsets in the new range could adopt “Pro” branding.

The outlet also insisted the “main feature” of the Pro devices will be their camera systems – rumours dating back to January this year have declared Apple’s high-end flagships will flaunt with three sensors on their rear.

It is expected the additional lens will offer an ultra wide-angle perspective for Apple fans.

Bloomberg has also declared the new iPhones will be granted “significantly upgraded video recording capabilities”.

The publication, citing sources familiar with the matter, said the successor to the iPhone XR will come with two cameras on its rear.

It was noted the handset will miss out on an ultra wide-angle lens and gain a telephoto module instead.

In addition to the new cameras on Apple’s latest iPhones, Bloomberg was also eager to discuss a number of other features the firm’s most premium handsets will tote.

One of which could give the American firm’s high-end models an important advantage over its Android rivals.

Bloomberg said the devices in question will boast “new shatter-resistance technology” that should allow them to “hold up better when they’re dropped”.

Most contemporary premium smartphones are made of front and rear glass panels with either an aluminium or stainless steel band sandwiched in-between.

While this certainly gives off a feeling of quality, it can be somewhat problematic if owners drop their device without a case.

Most smartphones can easily shatter when dropped, even on softer surfaces like carpet.

The report from Bloomberg suggests Apple is looking to minimise these issues with fresh materials for its most premium smartphones.

It is currently unclear how the American firm’s claimed “shatter-resistance technology” will work and what kind of added protection it will provide against drops.

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