Reasons why you should switch from Android to iOS  – AppleMagazine

Reasons why you should switch from Android to iOS  - AppleMagazine
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When it comes to mobile devices, consumers are typically faced with a choice between two of the most popular operating systems. Here are some reasons why it’s a smart idea to switch from Android to iOS.

Family Sharing

iOS is an excellent choice for children, particularly if the rest of the family uses iOS devices. Phone use is secure since parents can simply monitor their children’s activities on their phones. The Family Sharing feature in iOS simplifies family life. Up to six family members can share purchases of music, films, and apps, as well as photo albums, calendars, and reminders. There is no risk of children downloading improper or paid apps because Family Sharing allows parents to approve their children’s apps. And when youngsters begin to go to school on their own, parents may watch their movement using the “Find My Friends” function.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is a payment service, which enables you to pay with your credit or debit card via your phone. Paying works similarly to contactless payment with a plastic card, that is, by placing the phone near the card reader. Face ID, Touch ID, or the phone’s passcode protect the card, ensuring that your payment information is secure. Apple Pay may also be used to make in-app purchases, making it a breeze to book a hotel room, buy clothes, or order a pizza. Since Google Pay is not yet available in a large number of countries, people looking for a quick and convenient mobile payment method should choose iOS.

Enjoy new apps

iOS continues to be the preferred platform for the greatest and highest-quality applications. The majority of apps launch on Apple’s App Store and are available considerably sooner than they are on Android phones’ Google Play store. This was true of several of the most popular apps in recent years, including Super Mario Run and Snapchat. Certain apps may never be released for Android phones. It’s significantly more difficult for app developers to produce games and apps for Android phones, as there are so many of them and numerous unique features of the phones must be considered during creation. Additionally, the App Store’s revenue model benefits developers of high-quality apps, ensuring that iOS consumers continue to have access to secure and good apps in the future.


iOS smartphones are renowned for their simplicity of use. Their usability is based on a straightforward operating system: all apps are launched from the home screen. For instance, all settings are accessible via a single menu. While an Android phone can be customised in several ways, the operating system’s fundamental functions are significantly more difficult and perplexing than those of the iOS system. If you’re looking for a simple-to-use, high-quality smartphone for everyday usage, iOS is the obvious choice.

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