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    NEW DELHI, Feb. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ —, a social enterprise, was started by an undergraduate student of Delhi University in August 2021. The mission of is to contribute towards the AI revolution by training school students, college graduates, unemployed youth, and professionals across India.

    Working towards its mission, has tied up with universities, schools and NGOs to proliferate the Artificial Intelligence knowhow among the students. The company is also contacting several state governments across India for collaborations. The organization has conducted seminars, webinars, workshops, and training sessions to impart artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science education among the students.

    So far more than 5000 students have availed the benefits of training sessions conducted by; out of them 800 students have completed advanced certification courses in artificial intelligence and machine learning. The goal of the company is to train 100000 students by 2024.

    Navya Jain, founder and CEO of the company, explained the objective of her company in a media conversation. “Every student in India should get an opportunity to learn artificial intelligence irrespective of socio-economic background and language proficiency. We want to break the myth that one should be an IT professional and proficient in English to develop artificial intelligence-based applications. We believe that any one irrespective of education background and language proficiency can learn artificial intelligence and contribute to the AI revolution.”

    “Our talent lies in remote parts and villages of India. The students from these areas are closer to pressing issues such as environmental, agricultural, social, water preservation, and sanitation. Such issues can be addressed more effectively using artificial intelligence and data science algorithms. By training students, we are trying to bring technology closer to the problems and find innovative solutions to solve the problems,” she added.

    The company has developed industry focused training programs in AI to help develop AI and data science talent. The company has developed digital content, 80+ projects on live data, and a learning platform. Using the digital platform, the organization can train the students across India at a larger scale.

    About helps students from different socio-economic backgrounds acquire skills in artificial intelligence and data analytics. Working towards its mission of democratizing AI, has been working with universities, schools, colleges, government agencies, and NGOs, so that the students and youth in every part including the remote areas of the country can be benefitted.


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